The RPM Mission Statement

The RPM mission is to educate people worldwide about the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that result from masturbation through an understanding of the inner workings of the body during sexual stimulation and how the practitioner can achieve a renewed or expanded sense of self-love that enhances how life unfolds to the senses.

The RPM Credo

We believe that schools should teach students and doctors inform patients about how our sexuality stimulates the endocrine system to produce healthy hormones that are fundamental for the integrity of our skeletal, muscular, and nervous systems over our entire lifetimes.

Dr. Kolbe's radio interview with Bob Flaherty of WHMP on the rejuvenating power of masturbation.
Part I
Part II
the rejuvenating power of masturbation

Dr. William Kolbe, Author:
"I became affiliated with the Gnóstico School in San Salvador which housed an extensive library of esoteric and occult literature and offered classes in lucid dreaming, astral projection, and sexual transmutation. Through these teachings and practical applications, the course of my life changed dramatically positioning me to question the predominant modes of Western conditioning in terms of our sexuality and perception."
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"Dr. Kolbe deals with the retention of ejaculation that includes both men and women as it relates to our hormones. He makes his case using scientific information to demonstrate the value of masturbation as a spiritual practice that benefits people’s health and well-being. Although I’ve never been an ejaculator, maybe my “injaculations” have benefited my health and happiness without my ever knowing it.”

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Betty Dodson, Ph.D.
Author of Sex for One

Paperback Book
Dr. Kolbe redefines masturbation as a path of personal transformation and liberation leading to a deeper, more conscious experience of life...
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Documentary video consists of three parts: an overview of perspectives on masturbation; an open discussion ; and an guided practice session...
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A powerful affirmation of the physical, mental & spiritual benefits of exercising our sexuality with an understanding of the inner workings of our bodies...
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